School Fundraising Products : Tea Towels, Aprons, Bags.
Initiatives Fundraising
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Traditional Fundraisers made easy.
Let us do all the hard work! Send us the piccies and we’ll do the rest. You needn’t worry about sizing, spacing or the little imperfections - we'll take that headache away from you - so sidestep that photocopier and have a coffee instead!

We’ve done this for a while now and through consultation with parents and teachers we’ve come up with a headache free process to make your life easier.
Time is precious and our method provides you with a quick and efficient way to realise your fundraiser with a guaranteed quality product.

How does it work?

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Step 1

Request your free starter pack and sample.

school fundraising aprons

We provide you with a free starter pack, including sample to show parents, drawing sheets, a set of felt tip pens, pre-sale leaflets for parents, order form.

Step 2

Children draw their art.

Children design

Let their imagination do wonders kids could draw their neighbour, favorite sport, favorite toy or soft toy, nature, owls…The world is your oyster as to what to draw and create the perfect artwork.

Step 3

Send us the drawings and we do the rest.

Child Apron

We deliver your order and your successful fundraiser is accomplished and delivered within 3 weeks.

Drawings are as unique as the child who draws them and we have found a proven way to create a keepsake parents will cherish for a lifetime.

A real keepsake
Keepsake School Fundraising Program

Useful and practical on a daily basis, tea towels and other items printed with children’s drawings are still one of the best sellers with parents. And they now come in red and grey to give them a refreshing new twist.

A Risk Free Fundraiser
A Risk Free Fundraiser

Similarly to a class photo the items produced with the children's art will remain a valued keepsake of these special years. Children will feel very proud to give their production to their parents.

The initiatives way
Initiatives Aprons

We offer something quite different to all of the other competitors out there and that is a genuinely efficient and effective way to organise your project. Remember, no templates required, we just need your drawings and we’ll take it from there.

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