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Who for ?

Schools, Pre-school, Nurseries, PTA, PTFA, Friends of schools, Parish Church, Women's Institutes, Charities, Clubs, Scout Groups, Girls Guide, Community Groups, Youth Groups, Sport Clubs, in a word it can be used by any organisation who need an efficient fundraiser .

As for schools the self-portraits fundraiser is a must do exercise in any one school year.

We have been proud to be printing self portraits products as fundraisers. Gathering children’s art as a Fundraiser and get it printed on the likes of tea towels, bags or apron is a great way to get everyone together just like a school photo resulting in creating a unique keepsake for your school or group.

Incredibly easy to put together thanks to our easy to use Starter pack facilities you will find this fundraiser a good money maker for your projects.

As a busy organiser you will need to concentrate on communicating about your fundraiser.

Initiatives Fundraising has made it as easy as possible for you by providing you with communication tools such as the ready made parent’s flyer, provided with the starter pack. The whole Initiatives process is designed to make your self-portraits printing project possible without the hassle.

An off the shelf solution to your fundraising project for a quality result.

A guaranteed success!