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  • The catalogue pictures don't do the bags justice - they look even better in real life. Parents are thrilled!

    Thornhill primary

  • When we saw the Initiatives Fundraising's new Bags for life fundraiser, we jumped on the occasion to surf the carrier bag ban and turn it into a positive opportunity for our school.

    Wardley School

  • A reasonable profit

    This is a great product - well done. We had a good time creating it, a good time using it, and it even made the school a reasonable profit too hopefully to be spent in the school kitchen!

  • We've had to reorder more bags to face the demands from parents who didn’t order first time round. One look at them and they wanted their own!

    Thornhill primary

  • It sold like hotcakes

    Great project! At first we didn't have many orders but when we sold it at our fair and people were able to see it for real it sold like hotcakes and we made a very decent sum for our funds.