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Personalised products with children's drawings

fundraising ideas for kids

We've done self-portraits products for a while now and through consultation with parents and teachers we've come up with a headache free process to make your life easier.

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Time is precious, the Initiatives Fundraising's method helps you create your own school aprons, tea towels or bags. We provide you with a quick and efficient way to create your fundraiser with a guaranteed quality product. Raise funds for all events : be it school year, keepsakes, mother's day, Christmas or summer fair !

Bags for Life

Carry your bag with pride knowing you are doing your bit for the planet – whilst looking trendy! Our bags are not only strong and versatile but are a fabulous fashion accessory too!

Personalised bags for secondary schools
Our bags

Tea Towel

Useful and practical on a daily basis, tea towels printed with children's drawings are still one of the best sellers with parents. And they now come in red and grey to give them a refreshing new twist.

school fundraising tea towels
Our Tea Towels


These personalised aprons are the new must have fashion accessory for all those culinary adventures or creative painting and craft sessions. Mums, Dads and kids alike will be the proud wearer of this quality apron.

Aprons : fundraising ideas for schools
our aprons


In the kitchen for a nice cuppa or on your desk as a handy pencil holder our mug will find the perfect spot in all households!

Mugs : fundraising ideas for nursery school
Our Mugs

What to do :

Request your Free Starter Pack
and Sample
We provide you with some ready to use drawing sheets, a sample to put on show to parents and what makes this fundraiser risk free : the pre-sale flyers to inform parents and pre-book their orders.
Let children create
their self-portraits
We send you an advice leaflet to help you create the best drawings possible for best printing results.
Inform parents Essential stage of a successful fundraiser, the pre–sale process will allow you to estimate just what you need to order, making this risk free. Avoid any unsold items by using the Parents flyers we provide you with in the starter pack. Collect monies and orders at the same time : saving you precious time chasing payment later on.
Send us the drawings
and we'll do the rest!
Complete your main order form on the basis of the returned parents flyers and send us the artwork. Don't hesitate to order a couple more to cater for those late orders you might have. We deliver your order within 3 weeks. Deliver your beautiful trendy products to happy and proud parents.
What's in our Starter pack and why
school fundraising ideas
Drawing templates for kids
Black Felts
Parents Flyers
To show parents and help you raise awareness to your fundraiser
Drawing templates
The children need to draw on our drawing sheets. We provide the number you need.
Black Felt tip pens
Just an example of what we would
like your children to use.
Any normal black felt tips can be used.
Parent's flyers
Pre-filled documents simply fill in your retail price. This will be a great tool to help you communicate with parents and raise awareness of your fundraiser.

Number of drawings per products

Bags for fundraisers at school

Bags for Life

can include a maximum
of 180 drawings
Aprons to raise money for school


can include a maximum
of 170 drawings
mugs : money raising ideas for primary schools


can include a maximum
of 30 drawings
fundraising with school pictures on tea towel

tea towel

can include a maximum
of 300 drawings
school fund raiser bag

kit bags

can include a maximum
of 100 drawings

A Risk Free Fundraiser

No payment upfront
efficient and simple
to organize
You only order what
parents have
and paid for
Guaranteed funds raised:
Example : 150 Bags for
life sold £5 = £270 raised
for your projects.
Beautiful, trendy and
friendly keepsakes to be
cherished by parents
and families.
pta fundraising ideas leaflet

More advice to be found on our Advice Leaflet. Drawings tips and practical advice on to get the best result possible.

Download the Advice Leaflet
No set up charge
Quick delivery
Diferred payment 30 days following delivery