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Can I see a sample?

Oh yeah. Quickest way is to request the whole pack from the site. We ‘re happy to send you the sample along with the full pack as you will have everything in hand to get started should you want to put together your project in a timely fashion. No time wasted! The pack is free and does not bind you to working with us don't worry!

How long does the whole process take?

How long is a piece of butchers-string? It's up to you how long you take over the project. Maybe a couple of weeks. Maybe a couple of months. As ever with these projects it is best to keep the time compact in order to keep the project fresh. For our part, as soon as you submit your drawings to us we'll have them printed and delivered to you within 3 weeks.

When do we pay?

We will ask you to send us your payment by cheque preferably once you have placed your order. Your cheque will however only be remitted to our bank 30 days following delivery of your order. This should give you enough time to retrieve payment from parents.


Our products are 20% rated for VAT purposes.
Cookbooks are 0% rated.
Schools can claim VAT back, it might be a good idea that PTAs ask the school to take care of the payment in order to benefit from this.

Minimum Order

Please note that the minimum order is 50 per items and per lot of drawings to enable you to place an order.

Can we re-order our products at a later date?

I don't see why not but remember reorders are for a minimum of 30.

Does that include P&P?

P&P costs are not included in our price table please allow £15 for any orders.

I don't have enough felt tip pens, templates to draw on, parents Flyers.

The felt tip pens we provide you with have nothing peculiar and you can use normal BLACK ink felts you may have in your classrooms. As long as you do not use biros and thin felt tips.
You need more templates, more flyers? Let us know and we will happily send you more. Please note that we will only be able to use drawings done on our templates.