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Create your own school coobook.
This website allows you to build your own cookbook: simply create your account online, invite parents to type their children’s recipe and the book will assemble itself pretty much on its own.

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Quantity Unit price (excl of VAT) Investment
30 - 49 £6.10 £183
50 - 99 £5.85 £292.50
100 - 149 £5.60 £560
150 - 199 £5.15 £772.50
200 £4.90 £980

Maybe the next Jamie or Delia is waiting to be discovered in your school, find out by creating your own school cookbook. It’s a recipe for fundraising success!

Technical description :

Professionally colour printed and binded with your chosen picture or photo on each recipe page.
Along with your free starter pack, we provide you with Chef paper hats for each participants.

Personalisation :

Timesaver: Parents and children can type their recipe directly online saving you precious time!
Notes :

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